03 April 2015

Nolan // one month

Well, here we are again with the monthly updates.  I did updates each month on Gideon through his first year (linked below) which was fun and helpful to look back at.  So let's rock and roll with the Nolan chatter, shall we?

Nolan Levi | April 3, 2015
Holy crap, my baby is a month old already.  It's been a month of adjustment as we figure out this whole two kid thing, but overall, I think the transition was much easier than when we had Gideon because we are a little bit familiar with this whole parenting thing.  Not to say it is easy, far from it in fact.  But, we had an idea of what to expect and we knew sleep would be elusive and caffeine flowing a' plenty.  The most difficult thing has been balancing Gideon's needs with Nolan's needs and meeting them both at the same time.  It will get easier as Nolan grows and is less dependent.

I guess it is hard to give an update this month because Nolan has done three things... eat (a ton), sleep (better at times than others), and poop (no elaboration).  His pediatrician said this is all we needed to be concerned about at this time, so we said live and let live, and he did.  At his three day well-check, he had dropped down to 6 pounds, 12 ounces and twelve days later at his two week well-check he weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, 1 ounce (after emptying his bladder all over the room) which the doctor said is unheard of.  Grow baby, grow.

The major thing we've noticed this month is how agitated his stomach seems to be.  Long story short, congestion, sore bottom, stomach pain and spit up have led us to believe he has the same dairy issues that Gideon had/has so forth coming, mama is cutting dairy....again.  I was totally hoping this wouldn't happen, but it is.  I know I can do it because I've done it before and survived.  I miss you chocolate.

Other little things: he is use to noise while sleeping, i.e. his loud brother, vacuum, etc.  I like it.  He has wide eyes when awake and forehead wrinkles like his daddy.  His fuzzy blonde hair is growing in nicely and if you call my baby bald, I'll smack you.  He's got a little tuft of hair all over.  No real interests yet, other than letting us know when he's not happy.

We love you Nol!

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