05 April 2013

Four Months.

Four months old.  I got teary the other day for the first time because I know my baby is never going to be a tiny baby again. Only bigger from here on out.  I know logically that's how it works, but as a mama you just have a hard time grasping that. Taylor just said to me yesterday that he is a third of a year old already.  Cue tears.


I say this every month, but his doctors appointment is not until next Tuesday so we will know weight and height then.  I did take him to his doctor at three months for a rash and he weighed 13 pounds 14 ounces so I am fairly certain he is in the 15 pound range now if not more.


Oh man.  I hate even typing this section.  Sleep has been TERRIBLE.  Can't figure out if it is tummy issues, teething, or a bad habit (expecting food, which mommy always gave him) but he wakes up every 2 to 3 hours.  Awful.  Last night I finally put my foot down and refused to feed him in the night.  When he woke up I offered him a paci (which he never has and still won't take) or a bottle of water.  He would start drinking the water and after about a minute realize I was faking him and start screaming.Then I would lay him back in his crib and walk out.  He would cry himself to sleep in less than two minutes.  Granted he still did this every 2 to 3 hours last night, but I have read it takes 3 nights to break babies of this.  Here is to hoping! (And I did feed him around 4:30 am because it had been over 8 hours since he ate and he is just a baby still. ;)


This kid is not hurting for food.  He nurses every 3 to 4 hours during the day.  Every once in a while we still do a bottle with him if I have pumped and he actually takes it now.  I am still dairy-free for him, but I am starting to question if this is really the problem.  I plan on talking to his doctor on Tuesday about this and maybe looking into actually having him allergy tested. Cause I don't want to miss out on cheese and chocolate if it's really not the problem.  No way.


Gideon loves to "talk" now.  He has found his voice and loves to exercise it.  My favorite is in the car while driving.  I always respond and sometime "talk" back just like he does. He also has started to arch his back and push up onto his knees while laying on his tummy.  Can you say mobile baby?  Anytime probably. His personality is shining through now.  He is stubborn, independent, loud, and loves to be around people.  He really is a show off.  Last week, he was fussing before bath, but as soon as some friends came in to see him, he was all smiles and giggles.  Little ham.  His hair has finally started to grow back in and get this....it's blonde.  Finally something that is like mommy.

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