09 April 2013

A Little Late.

I know I normally post about our weekend on Monday.  Didn't happen this week.  Rolling with the punches, ya know?  But, really I didn't do it because we didn't have a very eventful weekend.  Taylor was recovering after having the flu last week.  Yes, the flu graced our little home with it's presence.  Luckily, G and I did not get it.  I'm thanking my flu shot during pregnancy for that one (it actually covers Gideon for six months as well!).  We did have a family date night to Olive Garden and a family date day to Ikea so it was still a fun weekend!

Gideon's doctors appointment was this morning.  All 15 pounds 4 ounces of my chunky monkey was all smiles.  Even with shots.  He cried for .25 of a second and then was smiling at the nurse.  Also, his doctor told me I should eat dairy again.  He thinks his skin is just sensitive and dry and most likely a little rashy from seasonal allergies too.  His little eyes do get watery when I have him outside sometimes.

But really, I just wanted to share a funny story today.  I have come a LONG way with being able to get myself and Gideon ready and out the door for things such as a morning doctors appointment.  I even make it usually 10 minutes early to wherever we have to be.  Not so when I first had him.

In the beginning, we seriously underestimated how long we needed to get out the door.  All of a sudden you have to factor in feedings, changings, and having a chance to get yourself ready also.  So, four days after Gideon was born we had his first doctors visit. Scheduled for 9:30 am.  Piece of cake, right?  Wrong.  Woke up at 7:30, I think.  Took my time getting ready because that is what I was used to.  Straightened my hair even.  Mistake, mistake, mistake.  All of a sudden it was 8:45 and we really were supposed to be at the doctor 10 minutes early to do paperwork.  I still needed to feed him.  So I grabbed him and started his feed.  Apparently his diaper wasn't on tight enough, amateurs we were at the time.  All of a sudden I felt warm wetness running down my leg.  All over the only pair of jeans I had that fit me (and the boppy pillow, and our bedding).

I freaked out.  Now I am running to change him, finish feeding him and get myself changed.  I ended up in leggings and a dress.  We were running around like crazy people.  And we walked into the doctors office at 9:33.  Close. Too close for our on-time personalities.  Well, we live and we learn.  I was not at all thrilled that day.  But, now I can look back and laugh and know that I have figured it out to this point.

And the last week according to my iPhone:

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