10 April 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. THIS weather.
2. I can eat dairy again.  Hello, cheese, chocolate, ice cream.
3. Baby smiles first thing in the morning.
4. These "vases" we got at Ikea.  We have the coral ones. 
5. Starting Gideon on solids.  Rice cereal here we come!
6. Getting tan.  (I must admit I have been to the tanning bed...no mama has time to lay out!)
7. A post on social media. Interesting!
8. Looking for houses. My mind is always decorating them.
9. Opening our windows at home and letting the breeze blow through
10. Following Honest Toddler on Twitter.  Always makes me laugh
11. Celebrating a friend at her bridal shower this weekend!
12. Sandal season.
13. The white trees that have bloomed
14. New dishes that won't chip if you look at them the wrong way.
15. A two part tutorial on installing open shelves in the kitchen.  Doing this when we move!
16. A beautiful post about infertility and adoption.
17. The fact that I basically get a double workout when walking because I have to push a stroller.

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