09 January 2013

one month

My baby is one month old. Where has the time gone? Holy moly it goes so fast.

He has changed so much in the month that he has been here. He laughed for the first time the other day when T got home, which just proved to me that he is growing up.  He is losing that newborn look and starting to beef up!

-Weighs 10 pounds 1.5 ounces
-21.5 inches long

And I feel all 10 of those pounds.  I even had a knotted up muscle in my arm last week from lugging this boy around. So worth it though.

He is sleeping like a champ at night.  Down between 8 and 9, usually sleeps between 4 and 5 hours (has gone 6 a couple times) then up for a change and feed then down again for another 4 or 5 then another change and feed then sleep until about 8.  This came about with much error on our part.

I originally was letting him nurse to fall asleep then trying to lay him down which inevitably always resulted in him waking up.  Then I would nurse him again to get him back to sleep or let him fall asleep in my arms. This creates a bad habit new parents, just FYI.

We started putting him in his rocker sleeper after he ate and was still awake. He would cry and we would let him until he fell asleep which was never more than 5 minutes. And I mean the crying turned to snoring on a whim. Now, he "talks" and is a little fussy but goes right down most nights!

I realized that in the beginning I was afraid of letting him cry AT ALL.  Silly me.  Babies cry! It is how they talk to us. I thought everyone would see me as a horrible mom if G was crying because it meant he wasn't happy which meant I was messing up somewhere.  Man, was I wrong. He is going to cry. And he does. And I do what I can to calm him and soothe him and most of the time it works.

Nursing has been going well. He is clearly gaining weight so he is getting plenty. Nursing was difficult in the beginning for me. G was born tongue-tied so his frenulum under his tongue was tight to the bottom of his mouth which made it a tad difficult for him to latch. We opted to get this clipped 5 days after he was born (he didn't even wake up when they did it).

After that the difficulty came on my part. Nursing means you can't exactly tell how much your baby is getting. I began to stress because I didn't know if he was getting all he needed from me. It's a bunch of pressure to be responsible for growing a baby on the outside! We had some tears and T would just tell me that G was growing and I was doing great.

I am also pumping now and G is taking the bottle great! He loves it and grabs on for dear life. I love how he holds the bottle with one of his fists.  This is a great break for me and gives T some cuddle time with little man. Right now we just do a bottle at night before bed.  I am hoping to pump much more for outings, etc.

G loves to lay on the floor and watch lights, especially from the tv. He loves the happy apple toy that was mine as a child and really enjoys swinging in his swing.  He loves his kitty, Nala and she adores him.  Very protective big kitty sister.  He snores which is adorable and sometimes T and I lay in bed at night and can't help but laugh when the snores start. He also has started to rub his head bald on top making him look like a little old man.

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