11 January 2013

you know you're a parent when...

1. It doesn't phase you to stop a stream of pee with your hand.
2. When a bee lands on the stroller you would rather grab it with your hand and get stung than have it near your baby.
3. While standing in line at the post office and digging through the diaper bag for your wallet, you set off a toy that is now loudly singing "Old McDonald."
4. You celebrate when all your errands are easily done by drive-through, i.e. pharmacy, bank, or dropping mail in a post box.
5. Today is the first time you have "done" your hair. (For me, straightening my hair is "doing" it).
6. If you get showered by 10 am you are on top of the world.
7. You literally cry over spilt milk.
8. Three hours of consistent sleep makes you feel like a new person.
9.  Stoffer's frozen lasagna is suddenly a gourmet meal.
10. You quickly jump out of the shower because you know if you don't type this post now your mommy-brain will not remember.

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