05 February 2013

two months

Two months.  My goodness, I can't believe I am already typing the two month post.  Just the other day, Taylor and I were talking about how the last 8 weeks of pregnancy drag on longer than Edward Cullen's life, but the first 8 weeks with Gideon have flown by.  No fair.

We won't know until Friday how much he weighs and how long he is.  I will tell you that he is growing like crazy.  Already starting to not fit in some of his three month clothing.  He is super long!  Going to be tall like his momma and dad.

Sleep has been a little rougher than the last update.  We did transition him to his pack-n-play which he seems to love.  He wakes up about three times a night now instead of just the two.  Honestly, it is because he has gas and for some reason can't poop in his sleep.  I mean, I guess I wouldn't be able to either, but it is seriously the only reason he wakes up.  He goes back down within about 15 minutes also.  All in all, not too bad. We are hoping to try him in his crib in his own room next week.  So weird that it is already time, but then again I said he would be in his own room at 6 weeks and he is now 9.  He naps really well! Usually two or three a day depending on how long each one is.

Eats like a champ.  About every three to four hours he chows down.  He is starting to get fat rolls on his thighs and a double chin, which makes this breastfeeding mom so proud.  We still do his bottle at night as part of his routine. Bath, bottle, bed.  And let me tell you, as soon as we finish bath, I better have his bottle ready or it's grump face for momma. Hoping to try a little formula soon just for the times we have someone keep him in case I haven't pumped enough.

Gideon's personality is really starting to show.  He follows us with his eyes and loves looking around. He much prefers being held in an upright position so he can flex his neck muscles, which are strengthening, and look around.  He also has discovered his hands.  I caught him staring at them while in the car the other day.  So sweet.  If we place something in his hand, he will hold onto it!  He gives so many smiles, especially in the morning and when he is passing gas.  Typical.  He also loves when he is naked. Not sure why, but he always stretches out big and grins. Bath time is his favorite. No matter how fussy he is, when he hears the water he calms down.  We also have the one kid in the world who won't take a paci.  He much prefers to suck on his hand and thumb.

Happy two months, sweet boy.

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