04 February 2013

Hello, February!

We packed up Friday and headed to the mountains for the weekend. As we headed there, our car told us that the temperature dropped over 25 degrees.  When we pulled into the town that Taylor grew up in and I went to school in, it was a blistering 17 degrees out.  So cold.  Needless to say, I brought plenty of warm clothes for Gideon including little mittens that make him unsure of what to do with his hands when they are on. (He is a hand/thumb sucker, so this is interesting to see).

Gideon slept the whole way.  I don't know what it is about the car, but any length of time in it and he will pass out for the remainder of the trip.  I am OK with this, because it makes life so much easier.  Thanks, G!  We spent Friday afternoon hanging out with Taylor's sister and jealous beagle.  He really can't handle the attention being on Gideon and not him.  Poor pup.  But, G loved looking at him.  He really likes dogs. So this, never-had-a-dog mama is going to probably have to get one.  We shall see.

That evening, we kept the routine the same so Gideon would sleep well.  Bath, bottle, bed. The same every single night.  I know most people are probably shaking their head saying, "Your kid is not going to be adaptable."  Well guess what?  His parents aren't adaptable either. We are the most routine-oriented people. Don't get me off my schedule.  But, anyways, it worked because he slept great.  And for the first time we stayed up past 11 on our own free will to hang out with T's mom, sister, and her boyfriend that we met for the first time.  Shout out to Mike!

Saturday, we lazed around playing Bananagrams (so addicting), and eating doughnuts from a local place that makes them so splendidly.  Hello, yumminess.  And we got to see snow.  So beautiful and fun and cold.  But, I loved it.  Later in the day, we went to King Street to Mast General Store to find Gideon some baby moccs!  And we found them.  So excited for him to wear these soon.  We also went to the outlet stores and cooed in Carter's for a while over the adorable summer clothes that is now out.  That place is dangerous.  They should have a sign that says, "Don't leave new moms unattended.  Wallet will be empty."  Amazingly, I bought nothing in there!

Every time we head to the mountains, we have a laundry list of restaurants we have to eat at, and this time it was the best BBQ joint, Woodlands.  So basically, my weekend revolved around food, which means my week will have to revolve around the ab video I have been doing.  What a vicious cycle.

We drove home Saturday night because Taylor works at our church and Sunday tends to be a busy day in that job.  G slept the whole way again! Good baby!  Bath, bottle, bed.  He was pretty grumpy at church in the morning, which meant momma had to leave early with him and bring him home for a nap.   After, T got home, G filled a diaper beyond capacity and we had out first MAJOR blowout.  After, an entire week of gas for him, I think he finally relieved his poor tummy. Which also led to laundry because that outfit didn't stand a chance unless I washed it immediately.

Sunday evening, we decided to give church another try for the day.  Crossing fingers to see if we could make it through.  He loves the music.  Quiet as can be.  As soon as the pastor gets up to speak, Gideon has to make his presence known.  Thank goodness for Grammy and Papa who are more than willing to hold him and take him out to change his diaper.  Then it was home for bath, bottle, bed.  Success!

Oh, and I guess I should mention the Super Bowl.  Yea, that happened.  But, I did not see any of it.  Mommas don't always have that luxury and honestly, I would rather sit by myself on the couch, in the quiet, typing this post, which is exactly what I did.

And here is the weekend, according to my iPhone:

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