02 February 2013

Boy Mommy

From the moment we knew we were pregnant, Taylor was convinced we were having a girl.  So much so, that I was sure he couldn't be wrong. He was just so set on the fact that we were going to be toting a pigtail-sportin', dress-wearing, girl.

He was wrong.

We decided we did not want to find out what we were having in the doctors office. I mean come on people. Not with these oh too cute gender reveals these days.  So we asked the technician to write it down and seal it up.  She made us look away every time she was checking down there.  And oh boy, we should have known right then because when Taylor asked her if she could actually tell what we were having she said there was no mistaking it.
Our first picture.  Second time I should have known it was a boy since he looks like Taylor!
We took that little sealed envelope and headed straight to Baby Gap where we picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit.  We marched up to the register and gave the sales girl the ditty.  I told her no pressure and all but you are going to know what we are having before we do.  She said she would do it.  So we left for 10 minutes while she boxed up the correct outfit and put away the other.  We came back and paid without looking at the receipt or really knowing how much it cost.  (I didn't come up with this genius on my own. This sweet little couple did it and I thought it was so much fun.)

Fourth of July just happened to be the next day, so our families got together to find out what Baby B was or is?  What is the correct grammar?  Oh, you get the point.  My sister and her family even Skyped in from overseas.  We had lots of fun making guesses before the reveal.
And then it was time.  I was convinced in my mind that I was going to pull out that sweet little pink outfit with white knit booties.  I was so sure.  And then there it was, a boy.
I had to wrap my mind around it.  I was having a boy.  But all of a sudden, it just felt right.  I realized I should have known it was a boy (sensing a pattern here) when the week before we decided to change the boy name we had picked from Liam to Gideon.  We just weren't 100 percent on Liam and you need to be 100 percent on the name you are giving your child for the rest of their life.

Well, ladies.  I am here to tell you that being a boy mommy is the greatest thing in the world.  I honestly don't see how anything could be better.  Boys just love their mamas and that makes my heart soar.  From the moment he was born, he was looking for me.  For me!  When he screams and cries and I pick him up, he is calm.  I get so tickled thinking of taking him on little dates in the coming years and watching Taylor teach him how to spoil his mama.  So fun. 

Now, I know that there are equally great things about having girls.  And I know that any mom out there who has girls would say it is the best.  And I want a girl.  I am just saying that I adore having my boy.  Now Taylor keeps saying that I am going to end up having all boys to which I say, you were wrong before so silence, my love.  
We somehow both wore blue that day.  It's like we knew...or should have known!

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