01 February 2013

what is it about babies?

What is it about babies that make people swoon? Probably because they are so darn cute.   But seriously, does it really mean that perfect strangers can come up and kiss your 7 week old on his face in the middle of January?  I think not.  It happened this past Sunday.  I mean really, who does that?  Who comes up to a stranger holding a baby and thinks, "Oh I can kiss him."  Flu season ring a bell, anyone? It took every fiber in my body not to drop kick this lady, but then again she was older, looked a little out of sorts and it was at church.  So here he is from a distance, just for you all.  I know he is cute, but let's wait until at least April before bringing the germs so close to his face.

Mustache onesie from Target, c/o Ben & Holly!


  1. LOL, I had 2 old ladies try to go for Kaiden in Wal-mart the other day! Didn't even speak to me, just went straight for the baby! I was like "EXCUSE ME!"... However, I was warned by a friend before I went to wal-mart. She said there are crazy people in wal-mart that will try to grab for him, so watch out! I really didn't think it would actually happen.

  2. wow! lol.... that is bold! i know you and i didnt even try to kiss him!!


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