06 February 2013

Choosing Thankfulness

This is hard to write, because choosing to be thankful is hard.

The hospital bills have started rolling in.  Yes, it isn't cheap to have a baby.  I told Taylor just the other day that it isn't right because I did all the hard work. ;)  But, nonetheless, the bills are here.

In this moment, I am choosing thankfulness instead of angst.  Thankfulness instead of blame.  Thankfulness instead of irritation.

I am thankful, despite the politics, for a healthcare system.  I am thankful that I knew beyond anything that Gideon was going to be born with people there to make sure it went smoothly and that he would have amazing care in those few days.  I am thankful for the insurance I have that paid for most of the bills, even if we still have some to pay for.

Leading up to Gideon's birth, Taylor would often look at me and say, "Do you think we have blown this out of proportion?"  He wasn't talking about us specifically, but us as a society.  I mean, we are so grateful for all the wonderful things we were given for Gideon, but as we looked at it all (I mean really, Boogie wipes?  Who makes money off of this stuff?) we couldn't help but feel that it is an abundance.

Taylor would laugh and say something about how women in other countries probably have the baby, strap it on her back and go back out in the field.  And while we all laugh at the picture this creates, it probably isn't far from reality.

So today, as we write out these checks.  I choose thankfulness.

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