03 April 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. Middle of the week lunch with my sister, bro-in-law, niece, and nephews
2. This video! I know most people have seen it, but Taylor and I can't stop watching it
3. A napping baby
4. Half-price Easter candy
5. Summer baby clothes. I washed it all and changed out Gideon's dresser yesterday
6. Sweet family and friends who spoil my baby with new Summer clothes
7. DIY tutorials for a teepee.  Now we can spend $30 and make it ourselves instead of $150 or more
8. This weather for finally acting like Spring.
9. A month filled with birthdays to celebrate.  Seriously, we have 5 in April just in our family!
10. So many pregnancy announcements among my Facebook friends. Congrats to all!
11. A reminder that we all have low days as mothers and it is OK!
12. My jar is almost full enough to get my camera
13. Fuzzy little hairs that are finally growing back on Gideon's head
14. Mended friendships
15. An April Fools joke from this awesome blog.  The video is epic

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