02 April 2013

Easter Roundup

Happy Easter... You know, just two days late. I have a great excuse I promise.  It's called we needed a few days away.  And what glorious days they were.  But, my sister-in-law did yell at me for not posting as much.  She reads this here blog while working out to keep her mind distracted.  So, Brittany, RUN!

We headed up the mountain on Friday morning to spend the whole weekend plus Monday with Taylor's family.  Usually when we go, we spend one night and head back the next afternoon which is so hard.  A whirlwind of a trip if you will and not enough time to spend with them.  We always come back more exhausted than when we left.  But, not this time.  We got to relax and enjoy the time.  And to top it all off we had the happiest baby the entire weekend.  I mean, blow your mind smiles and giggles even though his routine was totally thrown off.

We were so nervous about the weather, because it had been snowing the week before.  The weather surprised us all and it was beautiful.  A little chilly, but still gorgeous. As soon as we got there, this mama was on a mission to FINALLY use a mani/pedi gift card that I was given at Christmas.  Brittany decided to come with.  It ended up being comical.  Apparently, Good Friday is a really popular day to get your nails done.  We soaked for almost an hour before they started on us but in the meantime were entertained by the pedicure chair that flooded the whole place. All in all, I got a two hour mama break!

The pattern of our weekend was food. WE. DID. NOT. STOP. EATING.  BBQ, Mexican, Chili's, Five Guys, Cracker Barrel. Holy cow.  I am a cow now!  Dr. Seuss?  It was such a fun time though to just spend with family and enjoy some competition with Apples to Apples and Bananagrams.  Who names these games anyways?

And let's not forget Easter Sunday.  Our boy was dashing in his getup.  And continued his happy baby-ness when we put him in nursery.  For being in a new place, he does great.  When we came to pick him up, we peeked in and saw that every other baby was crying and screaming and he was chilling in the swing watching the chaos. That's my boy!

Lesson learned...Take time away.  It is worth it.  And the weekend according to my iPhone:

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