05 March 2013

Three Months

Three months.  I was just saying to Taylor that we only have nine more months before we are planning a first birthday party.  One month at a time, Em.  One month at a time.  It is insane how fast this baby age goes.  Insane, I tell ya.  And from what we have been told, it only gets faster.


We really don't know an accurate weight and height for now.  A month ago at the two month checkup he was 12 pounds 8 ounces and 23.5 inches long.  We don't have another appointment until four months so it's all a guess for now.  He has grown significantly.  I can barely carry him in his car seat anymore.


Well, last month we updated about his colic and how it was terrible at night.  That has gotten better.  He still wakes up about once or twice a night, but not for long and it is easy to get him back down.  Thats is really not bad considering he goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 in the evening and wakes in the morning between 7:30 and 8:00.  So waking up once or twice in a twelve hour time frame doesn't upset this mama. We did move him to his crib about two weeks ago and he loved it.  We didn't love it when he started rolling over and would bury his face in the mattress so being first time freaky parents we moved him back into our room.  I think we are on the verge of moving him back because he seems to be understanding this concept of needing air and his head control is a lot better.


I wrote about my love/hate relationship with breastfeeding here, but I forgot to mention that Gideon has had a love/love relationship with it from the beginning.  He is a champion eater. We are having a problem with him taking it from a bottle recently which is scary for all the plans we have coming up that requires him being away from me.  Here's to hoping!  The colic is getting better but now he has a bit of reflux.  He has been spitting up pretty big and seems uncomfortable at times.  This has caused him to not want to feed only a handful of times and we started him on medication so I think he will pull through.


Gideon is a rolling machine.  He has seriously mastered rolling from back to tummy which they say is the harder one.  He does not want to be on his back now that he knows he has another option.  He even looks like he is trying to scoot sometimes so we know we will have a crawler before long.  He also is fully aware of his hands now and the fact that he can use them to hold things.  He loves grabbing his toys especially his little keys which I always put in his lap in the car and he holds them the whole time.  He is a spitter and loves to blow bubbles.  Always has spit running down his face and on his clothes.  From this we have discovered that he is starting to imitate sounds.  Taylor always makes the motor noise and Gideon then starts blowing bubbles and making noise.  So sweet. We placed him in nursery at our church for the first time this past Sunday and we got a glowing report that he was such a good baby.  Makes me happy that he enjoys being in the social situation, but it might have been because he was surrounded by girl babies.  Ladies man for sure.  Growing boy!

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