05 June 2013

Six Months.

Six months.  Half a year.  Six more months and my baby will be one. But, hold on just a second.  Let's celebrate that Taylor and I have kept Gideon alive for six whole months.  Parents of the year or what?  Well, maybe not, especially since he started choking on a Puff the other day.  But, in my defense, my sister is the one who bought him the Puffs ;).  Oh, and really he was fine.  Just stopped my heart for a second.


No check-up yet.  His doctor is on vacation this week so our six month appointment is next week.  I am guessing he is in the 18 pound range possibly.  I think all the weight is in his thighs though.  Those suckers roll for days.  And he is tall.


Gideon has yet to sleep completely through the night without waking up. I don't feed him most of the time and he will go back to sleep, but I am highly salivating for the night when he is zonked from when I lay him down to a reasonable hour to wake up (hey, I'll take 6:45 or 7 in the morning!).  He goes down at night usually between 7:30 and 7:45.  Getting him to sleep at night is easy (crossing fingers that it stays that way).  He will go anywhere from 7 to 10 hours straight before I hear him rolling around in his crib.  And then he usually goes back down until about 7.  He naps great most of the time.  Some days he just has no interest and "opts" out of it.  One day last week he took three naps while most days he will take two ranging from an hour to two and a half hours.


This boy loves to eat.  I am still nursing him five times a day.  In the morning we do a bowl of oatmeal before his first nap.  He loves oatmeal and sometimes I will mix in pureed fruit with it.  Honestly though, I think he prefers the plain oatmeal.  In the afternoon, I will give him a vegetable and then around 6 in the evening we do another bowl of oatmeal to try and get him through the night.  We also do his big bottle of pumped milk before bed.  It may sound strange that I do a bottle before bed, but I found that while nursing him he would fall asleep much faster and then I have no way of knowing if he drank enough to get full.  I much prefer to see how much he is getting to know if he is full for bed or to encourage him to drink more.

So far Gideon has tried banana, pears, prunes (to help with a certain body function :), green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potato, oatmeal, rice cereal (we switched because it constipated him), Puffs,  and he has sucked on a french fry and a piece of watermelon and had a lick of ice cream which confirmed at least a little dairy intolerance due to the fact that he got red splotches.  I am wanting to get avocado for him soon too!


Gideon went on his first plane ride this month!  He was such a great traveler which is encouraging for future trips.  He is saying "mama" a TON and I am working feverishly on "dada" to no avail.  (Sorry Tay! I am really trying!).  This six month old is a WIGGLE worm.  All over the place.  I am pretty positive it would be easier to rope a calf than to change his diaper.  He rolls everywhere and rolls to get where he wants to be.  He pushes up really far like he wants to crawl but hasn't yet.  We are anticipating this any day now. He sits up by himself for short periods and in restaurants we put him in the highchairs now.  Gideon is loud and talks nonstop or giggles constantly.  No teeth yet, but his gums are swollen so I am thinking sometime soon.  He still sleeps on his tummy and really never goes onto his back at night. He sleeps up on his knees with his butt in the air and arms tucked in underneath him.  The cutest thing ever.  He is in awe of his hands lately and opens and closes them while looking at them.  We moved his crib mattress down the other day because he was getting close to reaching his hands to the rail and I just felt we might as well do it now!

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