06 June 2013

Wednesday Favorites, but not.

Here are my Wednesday favorites on Thursday. I just pushed it back a day since I wanted to do Gideon's six month update yesterday! Enjoy:

1. This post and video over on the Small Fry blog of Naomi from Love Taza.  I love Naomi's blog and reading about her adorable family's adventures while living in NYC! (P.S.  If anyone knows what the song from the video is, please let me know!)

2. The Couch to 5k app.  I started this week and it is amazing.  I know I already ran a 5k but I have not been consistent and I want to build stamina.  I love the pace it sets and that I can play my music through the app and it tells me what I do when.

3. It's June! That means cookouts, picnics, swimming, lightening bugs, fireworks, baseball games.  Oh it's magical.

4. This shirt from American Apparel.  I don't know why I am in love with it.  Unique and fun.

5. Taylor's family coming to visit this Saturday.  We don't get to see them nearly enough.  Especially with how fast G is changing.

6. Pretzels.  Not the tastiest snack, but for some reason when I start eating them I can't stop.  I guess it doesn't hurt that they are semi-healthy.  I said "semi."  Don't give me the side-eye.

7. Man of Steel comes out tomorrow.  About time.  Taylor has ben watching and re-watching the trailer since it came out about, oh I don't know, over a year ago. He has been anticipating it like a child at Christmas.

8. I went out Saturday night with my two sisters and my parents.  We haven't ben out just us in over 9 years.  The originals if you will. It was fun.

9. Looking forward to camp (with the students from our church) and a beach trip at the end of the Summer.  I am the person that loves having things to look forward to.  They get me through the long days.

10. Parenthood. We started watching at the recommendation, read command, of my sisters.  I LOVE it already.

11. The plans I have for Father's day.  Only ten days away, people.  I am beyond excited to celebrate Taylor for his FIRST one.

12. And that little tuft of mohawk in the above picture.  That fuzzy-chick hair gets me every time.

What are your Wednesday favorites on a Thursday?


  1. I love the part where we went out together. :)

  2. maybe you've figured this out already, but the song in that Small Fry video is holly maher, hiding place. :)


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