22 April 2013

Literally Couch to 5k

I ran a 5k on Saturday.  I am pretty positive I have only run once in about a year due to being pregnant and having a baby and all.  And on Saturday I ran a 5k.  Yep, couch to 5k.  I actually did fairly well for not having run recently.  Finishing in 38 minutes makes me proud.  Except, my mom beat me.  By over a minute.  Can anyone say rockstar?

It was fun to do the 5k with my family.  Taylor had to work the event and kept Gideon with him so we didn't have to worry about pushing a stroller and considering we don't have a jogging stroller it was the best solution. We all talked about staying together throughout the whole thing, but as soon as that start went off it was every man for himself.  My brother-in-law took off and I didn't see him until I finished.   My mom caught up to me and all was good.  Then I slowed down and she didn't.  Then she decided she wanted to beat all of her daughters.  So she did.

Then we celebrated my sister's birthday with steak, potatoes, mushrooms, shrimp, bread, and cake. You know, post-race food. Cake times two for most of us.  It was such a fun party.  We decorated my parents patio with white lights, plants, and tons of candles.  We spent the afternoon laying in the hammock, playing with all the kiddos and lounging on a blanket in the sunshine. The weather was on the breezy side considering how nice it has been lately.  But that chill is easily cured with an outdoor fire. Perfect party for a perfect sister.

And to top off that wonderful weekend, Gideon FINALLY, read finally, napped after church on Sunday for over two hours.  My. life. was. made.  After a week of him refusing to nap, I was thrilled to get to nap myself.  Especially considering my body was all sorts of sore from running that 5k.  Old bones and joints, ya know? ;)

And the weekend according to my iPhone:

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