23 April 2013

Letter from Mama 3


What can I say?  You are growing so big and with that comes your own little stubborn ways of doing things.  You have been testing me and stretching me as a mama the last few weeks.  You refused to nap for over a week straight.  Do you know what that does to a mama?  It freaks her out! I have been stressing, I mean STRESSING over it.  And then today, you napped, in your crib, for over two hours.  Butt in the air and all.  Then you woke up with a smile and I forgot everything about the horrendous past week.

You do this thing now where you blow bubbles out of your mouth non-stop for a while.  It's hilarious and I can tell you are going to entertain our family for years to come. You are so much fun and your dad and I can't stop watching you.

The nursery teachers ALWAYS say what a good baby you are.  You have yet to cry in nursery and they say you have a "sweet spirit."  I love that so many people can see that about you already.  You really are a content baby.  Even when you refuse to nap. You just like to sit and watch.  And I have to jump in a say you have the cutest profile to ever walk the face of the earth.

You are eating oatmeal cereal like a champ the past few days.  I had to have a conversation with you today about how mommy holds the spoon, not you.  Always trying to do things yourself.  Determination if I ever saw it.

You sir, make me so so happy.

Love, Mama

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