24 April 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. Buy one get one free shirts at Old Navy.  And the shirt was already on sale for $12.  So two shirts for $12.
2. Going to watch my nephew play tee ball on Saturday.
3. Getting my camera tomorrow!
4. This video! I shared it with my family the other night and it is too cute.
5. A baby who is FINALLY consistently napping.
6. Sticky grams. Um, hello. You can turn your Instagram pics into little magnets.  I'm obsessed.
7. Roadtrippin' with my mama and baby G this weekend.
8. Argo.  Not going to lie, I was mad at Taylor when he brought it home from Redbox.  But, I couldn't stop watching and didn't even fall asleep like I normally do.
9. Our cat has a stuffed bear that she drags around our home.  Always makes me giggle.
10. Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  Can't stop drinking the stuff
11. Adoption week over on Small Fry blog.  This one was my favorite.
12. White noise machine.  I think it has made all the difference in Gideon sleeping harder/longer.
13. Boon drying rack has been so perfect for all the bottle and pump parts I wash daily.
14. Gideon is a tummy sleeper.

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