26 April 2013

What I have my eye on...Gideon Edition

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In addition to keeping a wish list for myself on Pinterest, I also keep a board of things that I would love to get Gideon eventually.  Obviously, some stuff is for when he is a little bigger.  So here is the round-up of little things for our little man.

1. I mean, if I need Hunter rain boots so does Gideon, right? I don't think there is anything cuter than a toddler in rain boots.  To die for.

2. How stinking cute is this wooden camera?  I finally have saved up enough money to get my camera (whoohooooo) and I think Gideon should have a little one to imitate mama when he's bigger. 

3. Neon. Stripes. Tank onesie.  ALL IN ONE.  Can't go wrong.

4. This wooden cart would be functional and stylish as a toy box in G's room.  He is already racking up on the toys and we are running out of places to put them.  Easy solution.

5. Suspenders on jeans shorts.  Jorts, if you will.  My siblings and I agree that jorts are OK until the age of eight, so Gideon can rock these for a few years.

6. Adidas sneakers. Why not?

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