29 April 2013

Pigeon Forge

We headed to Pigeon Forge on Thursday with Taylor's coworkers for a conference/vacay in a beautiful mountain cabin.  I didn't decide until 8 Thursday morning that Gideon and I would go too and we needed to leave by 10:30.  You can only imagine how hectic that morning was to pack all we would need and get out the door.  Chaos if I ever saw it.  Chaos if I ever felt it.

I also wanted to stop by Target before we left to buy my camera since it was on sale until Saturday.  I checked online to see if our Target had it and it said it was in stock.  Not the story when we got there.  The sales girl said they count the display in that inventory.  Makes zero sense to me.  Oh, you too?  Good because I don't know who would spend $500 to have a camera that millions of people have touched and probably doesn't work properly anymore.  In fact, I am positive they don't even sell the display.  Stepping down from my soap box. But, I did settle with ordering my camera and it will be here tomorrow.  So, expect better quality photos soon.  Quality not composition.  That will take me some time.

Ok, where were we?  Oh yes, Pigeon Forge.  This was Gideon's first out of state trip and longest car ride.  He did great.  Only started getting fussy once on the way and he was hungry.  He was too excited to sleep on the way and was so into riding in the van with the others.  I had a hard time the whole weekend having him off his schedule.  He really does adjust pretty well, but I can tell when he is overtired and exhausted and I feel terrible when he just wants to go to bed and can't because we are out.  I never feel like that is fair to him.  But, we just chug along and he goes with it.

We stayed in an awesome cabin.  Pool table, hot tub, giant king size beds.  Can't get much better than that.  And we ate so much good food.  If you are ever in Pigeon Forge you MUST, Must, must eat at The Old Mill.  You get a ton of food and it is Ah-mazing.

I feel like all I write about is all the food we eat over our weekends. Fat kids at heart.  Nothing wrong with that.  And now, the weekend according to my iPhone:

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