10 June 2013

In which I tell you about our weekend.

We had a fun and packed weekend.  It was nice after the two days that Gideon and I didn't leave the house.  Yes, two days!  It has been rainy here and I had no errands that desperately had to be done so I just felt like laying low with my little guy.  Plus, it is a bazillion times harder to get a baby out in the rain.  I always end up soaked trying to keep him dry.  So we read books and played and napped and it was glorious. Just what we needed before fun-filled, napless days.

Friday night, Taylor and I had a much needed date night.  Earlier in the week I had asked my mom if they wanted to keep Gideon because I wanted to take Taylor to see Man of Steel.  Well, I was wrong about when it came out.  See how out of touch I am.  I could have sworn Tay had said the 7th.  So I text my mom back and said "nevermind" to which she said I was mean for not letting them keep him anyways and that we needed a date.  And I jumped on that train.  Why not?  I won't turn down an offer and how could I be mean and keep their grandson away from them, am I right?  I am right.  So back-up date plan was formed.

We ate Mexican because I could eat it day in and day out and the free chips and salsa is where it's at.  Fun little side note, Tay and I ate at this restaurant every weekend pre-Gideon.  Now we make it there about every two months.  Baby life.  We ended up seeing "Now You See Me"  and it is amazing.  One of those must-pay-attention type of movies but really good.  Highly recommend.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Taylor's family eating and shopping and watching Gideon.  Because that kid is all entertainment at this point.  Six months old is really fun.  He just smiles and laughs those gut wrenching laughs that make the rest of us laugh until our cheeks hurt.  Everything is funny to him.  He did have a hard time shutting down for naps with everyone here.  Social butterfly, that one is!  We had a great time though until about 5 o'clock yesterday evening when G had it and was exhausted and cried no matter what.  Distraction was the name of the game at that point and then we had enough too and put him to bed before 7.

And the weekend according to my iPhone:

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