11 June 2013

Minnesota Part 2.

I almost forgot to do the second half of our Minnesota trip.  Mom brain.  I'm telling you, it is a real thing.  I guess in the scheme of things, forgetting to post the remainder of my pictures is small and it's not like I left my kid somewhere or walked out of the house in my pajamas with no shoes thinking I was ready to go to the store.  Now, those would be bad.  And now that it is June, it might be hard to stomach these pictures with us all decked out in coats and hats.  It still was not right how cold it was while we were there in May.  Just not right.
My sister is showing the goodness of what is a raspberry bismark.  I live for those things while we are there.  I am pretty sure we went through a couple boxes and then the store didn't have anymore.  The audacity of them.  And I am not even going to tell you how many times I just typed "audacity" until I spelled it right.

Card sharks, I tell ya.  You can't not play cards while you are there.  You don't know how to play, you say?  Too bad, sit down and we will teach you.  And we will most likely kick your butt at it, but that is what makes it fun.  I used to be the low of the low when it came to these games. But, hear me now, I got through an entire game of Scratch without getting scratched.  Winner, winner.  

This is the progression of what you get when you want a picture of great-grandpa with his great-grandkids. Some of them are just not having it.  I snapped probably ten more just like these in the hopes that one, just one would be useful.  If one is not smiling, the others are.  If the others finally start to get with it, the smiler goes south and pouts.  But, I think these are the ones we will love the most.

We had a wiener roast despite the temperature and the fact that we could see rain at the end of the driveway.  Also, the driveway is a half mile long if that statement seemed odd to you.  We all ran outside and roasted those hot dogs and s'mores as quickly as we could. And the rain never came.  Usually at these things, everyone is avoiding standing near the fire.  This time, we were crowding in trying to stay warm.  And I only had two s'mores.  And three brownies.  Shh.  Don't tell.

My nephew wanted to go for a "truck ride" in the "back of the truck."  Made his life.  You know what. Made my life too.  That was fun. Until it was windy.

I didn't hang out in the barn as much as I used to.  When I was younger you couldn't tear me away from my Uncle's side as he milked and fed and cleaned.  We passed those traits down to my niece who would run after him every time he walked out the door.  She had to be there.  His helper.  

I'm so glad I got to go and visit my grandpa.  He s a stud for 90, don't you think?  And look at all of his great-grandchildren.  I love that I also go to take Gideon to my favorite place.  I hope it becomes his favorite place too. 

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