12 June 2013

Wednesday Favorites.

It's Wednesday again?  Oh wait.  I did Wednesday on Thursday last week so it snuck up on me.  So here we have Wednesday favorites on an actual Wednesday!

1. This post on being a minivan mom.  Good thoughts, but I have always said I am an SUV mom.  Maybe when we have more kids I will feel more into the swaggin' wagon?
2. Lunch date with Taylor.  We do this EVERY Wednesday just the three of us.  It is awesome to break up the week and the day.
3. I don't have school-aged children, but this post is hilarious and I am sure I will relate in a few years.  She was even on the Today Show because of this post!
4. SUMMER VACATION!  I know I am not in school or a teacher, but for some reason when school lets out it is like permission for it to be Summer.
5. For all my soon-to-be-parent friends out there, please read this article on why you SHOULD vaccinate your child.  So important. (Most peds offices require that you do in order to treat your child and you can always ask them about spacing them out if you wish!)
6. We got a jogging stroller the yesterday.  This makes it so much easier for me to get out and do my C25K.  Thank you Elaine!
7. A really fun DIY project that I would love to try once we have a house.
8. Coconut lotion. This is my Summer scent.  And look at that sale.
9. Father's Day! Celebrating Taylor's first and Gideon, Nala and I are ready, ready, ready.  We went out yesterday and Gideon picked well!
10.  Air conditioning...it's hot out there.
11.  A good friend is getting married this Saturday.  Can't wait to fiesta it up with her.

Not so favorite:
1. Saying goodbye to my sister and her family this weekend.

What are your Wednesday favorites?

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