05 October 2013

Ten Months.

Double digit month.  I don't know what happened this month, but Gideon all of a sudden seems like a boy and not a baby.  I wasn't prepared for it to happen this fast. Maybe at a year, yes, but ten months.  No.  Where did my baby go?


At his nine month check-up, he weighed 20 pounds and 8 ounces and was 29 inches long.  He is a big boy measuring in the 75th percentile on everything.  Even head size, which means it is starting to even out.


Sleep was going super beyond amazing before we moved.  Not that it is terrible now, but he is out of his element.  He was sleeping until around 5, then going back down until 7:15.  Now he wakes up a bit earlier for each.  He has pretty consistently been going to bed around 7:30 or 7:45.  It is still a good chunk of sleep, but I also know he is fully capable of sleeping straight through until 7.  I have been caving and feeding him even though I know he isn't really hungry.  His little body is just so used to waking up at that time.  So, now that we are (getting) settled, I will be breaking him of this habit and not feeding him until 7.

His naps were going great until we moved.  Nine and 1 like clock work and napping for about an hour and a half each time.  He has been so off with the move so we are just getting back into a routine.  Hopefully soon he will feel like he did before and go right to sleep.  Right now, we have a long time of crying/playing in the crib before he falls asleep for a nap.


We have made great steps in moving towards table food.  He is still nursing three times a day and gets a bottle before bed and three meals of solids (veggie and/or oatmeal mixed with fruit) and have started giving him bites of what we have.  He has tried BBQ, eggs, chicken, spaghetti, crackers, cheerios, corn, a taste of a cookie (thanks Grammy), refried beans, green beans and fries.  I just pull things into little pieces and either feed them to him or place them in front of him to let him try.  He usually eats it without a problem.


This was the month of standing for Gideon.  He learned how to pull himself up and it has been nonstop since.  He had trouble at first with getting back down, but now has a little system which includes the cutest little butt flop.  He is getting much more adventurous with standing and Taylor even saw him stand with no hands for a few second the other day.  It won't be long until he is walking.  He does "cruise" around by holding on to furniture and taking a few steps.  Gideon had his first big move. He cried on the way down here but seems to be fine with our new surroundings.  As long as he has his Nala he is good to go. He is an attention seeker for sure and likes to make sure everyone is looking at him.  His new thing to do is scream at the top of his lungs when those around him are having a conversation and not looking at him.  Spoiled for sure.  He got another bottom tooth and is working on his two I-teeth right now.  He has also started to grind his teeth which drives me crazy and has decided that biting is OK.  I tell him it certainly is not since I am usually the target of his biting (my chin, nose, lip, shoulder).  Gideon's new favorite thing (and the cutest EVER) is to dance when he hears music.  It is just a little bit of bobbing up and down and shaking his tummy from side to side, but he always gets the biggest grin and he likes to bust it out wherever we are (even at restaurants!).


Standing, dancing, music, books, playing with Nala's toys, eating new foods.


Teething, riding in the car for a long time, not being able to get on the floor and move around, people not paying attention to him, anything with pureed banana.

Current "words:" 

mama, dada, nana (for Nala), baba (for bye bye), ha (hi), papa, yay, ba (ball), boo

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