04 October 2013

I refuse to...

...believe it is 80 degrees on October 4.  Nope, it's not happening.  No, our pool is not still open and people are not still using it.

...leave my Fall clothes abandoned in my closet due to the above reason.  I will sport my plaid, flannel and moccasins.  Sandals are done and put away.

...accept that my baby will be ten months old this weekend.  I don't even know if I can talk about it beyond this.

...not attend the shrimp festival on Saturday.  I have been thinking about this since the moment Taylor told me he applied for a job in Beaufort.  I went online to look things up about this town and SHRIMP FESTIVAL caught my eye.  Enough said. Done. I'm there. (And you can probably look for a post about it next week.)

...admit that I already started my Christmas shopping. Ok, I know, I really did just admit it.  I am one of those people now who starts one holiday before Halloween is even here, but in my defense I now have a birthday party to plan for the beginning of December so I would rather have my shopping done early.

...pay more for shipping than the item I am purchasing. I found adorable suspenders for Gideon that only cost $4.95 and I even have 20 percent off, but shipping is $5.95 and it just doesn't make sense in my head.

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