03 October 2013

Snippets of our new home.

I feel like your home is never really finished.  You are always moving stuff around, adding things, decorating and redecorating.  So, it makes it hard when you move because you feel like you are starting over.  At the same time, you can re-evaluate your style and the choices you have made in decorating and adjust to where you are now.  I have definitely changed since our last move and it has been interesting deciding what I wanted to keep out or hang up versus what I wanted to get rid of or box up for safe keeping.  Our home is just beginning to take shape and will be for a long, long time.  It probably won't even be "done" before we pack up and move again (hopefully to a house next year!). But, I wanted to share a few pictures.

^^ I love a good photo wall.  This one can be added to at any time which makes it fun! ^^

^^ Besides our couch, this pillow is my favorite thing. Still searching for a few more. ^^

Clearly, we are still lacking things like curtains.  Gideon's room is the only one that has them right now.  Mostly, because I need him to sleep well and they help.  I never realized how difficult it is to find 96 inch curtains.  Most stores carry up to 84 inch ones.  Oh, well.  I will find some eventually.  I also did not take any pictures of Gideon's room because he was napping and you don't mess with that.

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