02 October 2013

Wednesday Favorites. To make me feel normal.

Do you ever just need to do what you have always done to make at least one thing feel normal?  Yea, that is what this post is for me today.  I will (and can't wait) to start sharing more about our new home in South Carolina, but for today, I need this post to feel like it's all good.

Favorites Pins of the week:
*This Asos top is super chic and pretty.  I love that it is girly and dressy, yet easy to wear and classic.
* Taylor loves puppy chow.  So, cookies and cream puppy chow will probably make his year. And since it is his birthday month, I guess I should make it for him.
*I have always carved pumpkins, but the idea of painting them instead is very appealing (and less messy!)

Favorites posts/videos/articles this week:
*A great post on Fall wardrobe basics. I know I am drawn to the bright, trendy pieces and forget the importance of a good basic option.
*I love this idea for buying kids gifts (or really anyone.) Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.
*I had a few friends link this article written by a wedding photographer.  Everything she says makes perfect sense.  I was recently at a wedding where a family showed up late (mistake number 1) and then stood in the back right by the door where the bride was about to come through, so I know they made it in her pictures which was bothering me the entire time it was happening.

Favorite others this week:
*We are moved. Just having everything down here is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
*OCTOBER! One of my favorite months.  Fall, chili, leaves, and a hubby birthday.
*We got a new couch (and got a discount!) and it is by far my favorite purchase we have ever made.  I know it will last a long, long time!

Snapshots from this week:
A lighthouse on Hunting Island // His very own bathtub and some new toys 


  1. We do the "Something you want..." with Shepard at Christmas. He gets so much stuff from everywhere that he's definitely not lacking. We add to those, "Something to give" (either we give some existing things of his away or give him a small amount of $ to donate--pick out a site where he can choose to give toward a well or goat or something) and "Something to do." The do is tickets to an event or something fun we can all do together. These will grow and expand as he gets older, but we limit Christmas to those six things. Makes life and spending much easier!

    1. I love the something to give and something to do! Those are awesome ideas. I agree, he gets so much stuff from everyone else (ALL throughout the year) that I feel it is pointless for us to go overboard on him.


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