05 November 2013

Eleven months.

This is the last monthly post before my baby turns a year old.  I don't know where the last eleven months have gone and looking back through these posts has made me nostalgic.  So, eleven months, here goes...


He doesn't have an appointment until his one year well-check, but I am guessing he is holding around 21 or 22 pounds.  He is a chunk and really tall.


Gideon is a great sleeper for the most part.  He has his days and nights where it just doesn't work out so well (changing our clocks back, anyone?), but for the most part he is a champ.  He is pretty consistent with two naps a day and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Usually for about an hour and a half each time.  We are having a little trouble in our apartment with his naps because we have several motorcycles that like to drive through and it always manages to wake him up.  Very frustrating.

Gideon goes to bed anywhere between 7:30 in the evening and 8:30.  Some nights he just gets a late start, like when we have home group, but he adjusts well.  He has slept several times all the way until 6:30 or 7 in the morning, but lately has been back awake around 5:30 and will not go back to sleep.  It's fine and he ends up taking a good nap, but 5:30 is a little early for us.


Gideon is very adventurous with trying table foods. Basically, he eats anything I put in front of him.  At restaurants, we give him veggies, rice, refried beans, pieces of chicken, BBQ, or anything we are eating that he can easily try.  At home, we give hims bits of whatever we are having, although, I try to avoid things that might upset his tummy like spicy foods.  He still eats purees and oatmeal just so I know he is full and because he loves it so much.

We have pretty much weaned Gideon to a bottle full time.  For various reasons, the biggest being that my supply was no longer there.  I usually still nurse him when he wakes up super early in the morning, but then he has three or four bottles throughout the day. He is taking it fine and his stomach seems much better (no dairy, it's soy formula) and he is full finally!


I might have said this every month, but this has been the best month.  Gideon is so much fun to play with and makes us laugh every day.  His personality is so big and he enjoys interacting with us.  He is cruising around furniture and has started walking with a push toy.  He often lets go of what he is holding onto and makes it a few second before falling. Just the other day he started trying to stand up without holding on to anything. It won't be long before we have a wobbly walker and soon after that a runner.  Gideon loves to stand on his head in a downward dog way and it cracks us up every time.  He dances anytime he hears music and crawls as fast as he can to the bathroom when he hears the bath running. He loves playing "boo" with us and will go behind a wall or come by the couch and pop up and say "ba" (boo).  Oh, and he has totally dropped the army crawl and it's only hands and knees now.  He is very fast too.  His vocabulary has grown so much and he is picking up words we say. He also will jabber a  lot and it sounds like he is having a whole conversation.  He also had his first Halloween and was a raccoon.  This really is the best and most fun age.


Standing, dancing, Sesame street (Elmo's world specifically), "playing" with Nala (hitting her), crackers, bath time.


Car rides, having his face wiped, having his nails trimmed.

Current "words":

mama, dada, nana (Nala), baba (bye bye), ha (hi), papa, yay (while clapping), bah (ball), ba (boo), ah da (all done, while signing for all done), no, a meh (amen, he starts saying it when we hold his hands to pray at dinner and says it the entire time Taylor prays), duh (thanks Bama!)

*This past Sunday was also the first time I was ever called to the nursery because Gideon was upset.  A first time for everything, I guess!

I also need you to see why this months picture is not the best.  The boy was moving too much and my camera could not focus so I had to go with the only clear picture I had.

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