31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

We are planning on taking Gideon trick-or-treating tonight for a bit, but I decided to put him in his costume this morning and take some pictures because you never know in the evening if you will have a smiling almost-11-month-old or not.  It's a risk I did not want to take, especially since we have a teething Gideon right now.  So, in the event that tonight is a disaster, I still have these before pictures!

Can we talk about this costume for minute?  This little raccoon makes my heart melt and soar.  Taylor and I actually bought this last year, after Halloween, before Gideon was born for three dollars at Babies-R-Us.  Yes, three dollars.  Originally a $35 costume.  It was the perfect fit and we are so excited to celebrate our boys first Halloween.  Growing up, my mom always put together our costumes with stuff we had.  She was a genius at it and I hope to make my kiddos costumes as they get older too, but there is just something about these store bought ones with a little baby inside.  Out of this world.

Happy Halloween, friends!  

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