30 October 2013

Things about the birthday.

Here are some things about Taylor's birthday from Monday:

1. We slept in.  Which to us is 7:30 am.  And Gideon complied too.

2. No cake here.  Just donuts.  Nothing wrong with that.

3. We did not change out of sweatpants (or feetie jams for Gideon) until 4 pm.

4. Prison Break ALL. DAY. LONG.  We used the day to have a marathon on Netflix.  Just what Taylor wanted.

5. Gifts wrapped in Cars gift bags.  Why not?  And of course a new Alabama shirt because you can't have too many, especially if you don't have the coolest one ever (which I found and got for him!).

6. Buffalo Wild Wings.  The man knows what he wants.  Wings, spice, flavor.

7. New friends dropping by to say "happy birthday."

Yay for twenty six!

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