29 October 2013

Fripp Island

This past weekend, we went to Fripp Island about thirty minutes from where we live.  It was a staff retreat with Taylor's new job and was honestly just a weekend to relax.  Fripp is a gated community so besides the people that live there or anyone renting a house for the week, there are not many people around.  Not to mention it is October, so most people aren't looking to vacation at the beach right now.  But, in all honesty, I have to say I love this time of year at the beach more than the hot, crowded Summer.

We spent our time playing in the sand and breaking out the games like bocce ball, ladder ball, frisbee.  Eating.  Oh, I don't know if we stopped eating.  And napping.  Yes, I got to nap and it was the best.  Gideon was at the perfect age to enjoy the sand.  He loved crawling around out there and eating as much as he could.  And how stinkin' cute is that boy in his plaid?  Can't go wrong with plaid.  His friend Judah was also there and they enjoyed getting to play together.

It was the perfect combination of relaxing, playing, and getting to know some really amazing people.  The atmosphere was perfect (I mean, there were dolphins every morning!) and I think I'll just plan on heading out there every October, sound good?

*I only broke out my camera this one time down on the beach. I think I was too busy, not being busy to take pictures!

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