01 November 2013

Trick-or-treat and pumpkin bread

We did go trick-or-treating to a few houses last night.  Gideon had no idea what to think of it and since it was in the 70's and almost 80 degrees, he was not to happy in his costume.  So we hit up a couple houses, more for our sake of "our baby's first Halloween" than for Gideon's experience.  Then we ended up stripping him down to his diaper and driving home.  He liked that part the best.  So, this one is in the books.

And also, I was super domestic yesterday and decided to make bread for the first time in my life. As in, I finally used that bread pan I got for our wedding and has been sitting in a cabinet untouched ever since. And pumpkin bread it was because, well, Halloween.  And I won't sit here and spell out the recipe because I got it from Natalie over at Hey Natalie Jean.  I will say that I had to bake mine a lot longer because the inside was still way mushy.  I wasn't too sure about how it turned out, but Taylor approves so it's a win.

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