13 April 2015

iPhone life

It's been a while since cleaning photos off my iPhone, so I decided to share some that I hadn't on Instagram.  It's been a whirlwind six weeks since adding Nolan to our family, but it feels normal now and we are getting into a routine and groove as four.  

 ^^ Nolan napping in his room // Wednesday playground with friends ^^
 ^^ This is how we play // Sleepy baby with mittens ^^
 ^^ Two boys // "Army mens" ^^
 ^^ This is how I typically look now, with a baby wrapped on // Easter two year old with donut ^^
 ^^ Waking up // Smelling flowers ^^
 ^^ We take cupcakes seriously // Living with boys means superheroes ^^
^^ All four on Easter // His first time holding him ^^

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