19 April 2015

Unmistakable signs that you've become a mom

Just real life over here, blurriness and all.

{one}. You cry over "mommy moments."  i.e. While watching Hook the other day with Gideon, I lost it at the end when Moira realizes her kids are back and collapses on the floor.  Or how about this ad.  All the feels and I totally cried.  Call it hormones or call it mom-ness.

{two}. Confusion of names.  I use to wonder how it was possible for my mom to mix up our names.  She called me by my siblings names and even went through our two cats before getting it right.  I totally get it now.  I mixed up Gideon's name before we even had Nolan and now it's just worse.

{three}. You cry at Facebook videos such as military homecomings. Those suckers get me every time.

{four}. You pray for bedtime, but ten minutes after your little terrors are asleep, you miss them.

{five}. You can impressively multi-task.  Taylor thought I was a ninja for being able to put my contacts in one-handed, but I told him that was nothing considering I can use the bathroom while nursing if need be.  Desperate times, guys.

{six}. You literally cry over spilt milk, not finding parking spots next to the cart corral, and when your husband tells you he's running late.

{seven}. You cry.  End of story.

{eight}. Laundry.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  It doesn't end.

{nine}. A turkey sandwich is a gourmet meal, especially if you get to eat it with two hands.

{ten}. Errands like doctors appointments feel like a vacation.  I'll get a pap smear every month for a couple hours alone.

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