29 April 2015

Letters // 05


Dear potty training,
You're kicking my butt right now.  Why are you so difficult?  Why does he only want to go at nap and bed time? (Stalling much?) We've tried bribes, sticker charts, songs, cheering.  Please take it easy on me.

Dear dairy,
I miss you.  Chocolate, cheesecake, pastries, CHEESE, yogurt.  I miss you.  That is all.

Dear twenty-seven,
I'll see you on Sunday.  I think we will have a great year together.

Dear lavender baby wash,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You calm my boys down and help them sleep so well.  You make a huge difference and of course you smell like heaven.

Dear Taylor Swift,
Your new album is a big hit around here.  We jam to some 1989 in the car.  My two year old particularly likes "Shake it" and "That other one song, mommy" (also known as Style).  He "sings" most of the words.  I'll take it over Old McDonald any day.

Dear baby rolls,
Please stay.  I love the Michelin man look they give my little guy.  Arms rolls, leg rolls, those adorable little back of the neck rolls.  I could eat you up.

Dear sleep,
It's been a while.  I know I don't spend much time with you lately.  Maybe in a few months... or ten I'll be able to enjoy you more.

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