04 May 2015

Nolan // two months

Nolan Levi | May 3, 2015
And another month down.  This month was fairly low-key as far as things we had going on.  No trips, not a ton of out of town visitors so it was a pretty accurate look at our new normal.  And, I have to say, I think it is going well.  There is definitely still a margin of trial and error when it comes to parenting two at once, but I'm not terrified anymore when they are both crying at the same time.  I just breathe and determine which one needs me the most first (easier said than done, right?)

This boy is a dream when it comes to nighttime sleep.  He has been going down for bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and usually wakes two or three times until he's up for the morning around 7:00 or sometimes even later!  I'll take it.  He usually just wants a diaper change and a little milk in the night and immediately goes back to sleep.  I feel rested which is all I can ask for.

Last month, I wrote how I was cutting dairy because I was certain he was allergic like Gideon.  Three weeks after cutting, he still seemed uncomfortable and was spitting up after every feeding.  I took him to the doctor (where he weighed in over 11 pounds!) and he was positive he has reflux.  Nolan is now on an antacid (which he despises).  His pediatrician said he thought I could continue eating dairy but I was too nervous to follow through.  Last week, I decided to try taking Nolan to a chiropractor as several people had told me it could help with stomach issues in babies.  I saw a huge difference the first day and he seems more content, although still uncomfortable from reflux at times.  His chiropractor advised that I still stay off dairy since a majority of the time if a sibling is allergic they will be as well.  Long story short, still missing chocolate.

Other little things:  we have seen a few smiles this month.  I hate that the reflux usually causes him to be screaming and upset, but he managed to give us a few good ones.  He mostly reserves them for Gideon, of course.  He loves bath time and mostly sleeps while we are out and about, which is so nice for me.  He's moved up to size one diapers and is getting into mostly three month clothes.  We like to call him our Michelin man because of his arm and leg rolls.  I like my babies chubby.  He will be experiencing his first road trip this week and we are hoping he handles it well.

one month

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