19 May 2015

Gideon says // 10

+ After running through the McDonald's drive thru because it was late and I didn't want to make dinner (hashtag mom of the year)
  Gideon: Thanks for taking me on a date!

+ Talking to Nolan
   Me:  Can you say "mama?"  "Mama"
   Taylor: "Dada?"
   Gideon: "Giiii eon?"

+ Me: Hey buddy, when you get big and marry a girl, will you still love mommy?
   Gideon: Yea... sometimes.

+ Gideon: Noah made a boat.  And God drived it.  And we were on it!

+ After sleeping in one morning, Gideon walked in our room to find Taylor already dressed for the day.
   Gideon: Daddy, where's your breakfast clothes?
   Taylor:  This isn't Downton Abbey.  We don't have breakfast clothes.

+ While sitting on my lap
   Gideon: You got another baby?
   Me: No, not quite yet.
   Gideon: You have a baby in a wittle bit?
   Me:  It'll be a couple years, buddy.

+ While watching me give our cat, Nala, a bath (her first ever!)
   Gideon: Oh Nala, you don't wike the bath?  It's OK! I don't eiffer.

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