20 May 2015

Highs and lows


... Nolan slept eight hours before waking up last night.  He is a golden sleeper.
... Pre-pregnancy weight, check.
... Front porch sitting during a summer thunder storm.
... Sonic slushies shared with a sweet boy.
... Family photos this Saturday with a great friend/photographer before she moves.
... Finally finding a consistent workout time.
... Sweet friends who make us dinner.

... I woke up last night with that sixth sense feeling of being watched, only to find Gideon next to my bed.  He claimed he didn't want to sleep.  Alrighty then, still getting up even while the baby sleeps.
... Post-partum hair loss, check.
... No napping baby with a tummy ache.  (Must sit outside, as not to wake toddler with crying).
... One more solo bedtime routine before my husband returns.
... Military friends moving.  Something we will see a lot of living here.

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