06 December 2013

Twelve months // One year.

It's here.  It's here.  My baby grew up and is now ONE. YEAR. OLD.  I don't know how it happened, but looking back on eleven other monthly posts, I know it actually did happen.  And you know what?  We made it.  We made it to a year.  We survived.  We kept him alive and to top it off, he was happy a majority of the time.  So, I am chalking this up to a successful first year of parenting and rewarding myself with cake.

I honestly don't know how much he weighs at this point.  If I guessed, I would say a little over 22 pounds or right around 23.  He has his one year check-up next Monday with a brand new pediatrician since we moved and all.  He is also very tall.

Other than the fact that he likes to wake up early like his dad, he is a great sleeper.  No more middle of the night wake ups or super early before five o'clock.  He goes to bed around 7:30 in the evening without a problem and sleeps until anywhere from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning with an occasional 5:30 wake up call.  I wouldn't trade it, as Taylor and I are both early risers.

His naps have been hit or miss.  Lately he has been taking a great morning one and skipping an afternoon one which results in a whiney boy in the evening.  We have been talking about/ trying to move him to one nap in the middle of the day.  It doesn't always work out so well, especially when he wakes up super early and then wants two naps that day.

Gideon is now eating pretty much everything we eat, minus dairy.  I have noticed he still gets a little rashy on his legs with dairy so we are avoiding giving it to him straight up. But, he loves table food.  Spaghetti, BBQ, chicken, green beans, peanut butter and jelly, turkey, strawberries, you name it, he will eat it.  I have not had any problems with him refusing to eat what I give him.

He is stil taking two bottles a day (just moved this down from three!) in the morning and evening.  He snacks on Cheerios, raisins and has two sippy cups of Almond Milk during the day.  I am hoping to use the Almond milk to help ease his transition from bottles.  He loves it, so that is good!

Gideon has not started to walk yet, but in all reality probably could.  He has just decided that crawling is faster for now.  He stands holding on to things, but will let go and stand alone a lot more these days. He is cruising and enjoying all that comes with that.  He started blowing kisses and giving real kisses along with hugs this month.  It is the sweetest thing. He is also at the point where he understands when we are reprimanding him and usually laughs. This whole disciplining thing is new and hard. We are all learning. Gideon is saying a ton of new things and jabbers non-stop.  He has a lot to say and is very matter of fact and animated about all of it. He has started signing "more", "please", and "thank you." He is having a bit of attachment issues right now and fusses when we take him to nursery, but he is usually fine and I haven't been called back since that one time. Gideon had his first Thanksgiving and seemed to enjoy all the food and people!

Playing in his room, bath time, Sesame Street, dancing and any type of music, singing "This Little Light of Mine," Cheerios, Almond milk

Long car rides (this is a little better since we got him a new carseat), having things taken away from him, when no one is listening to him.

Current "words": 
mama, dada, nana (Nala), baba (bye bye), bah (ball), ba(boo), ha (hi), yay, papa, ah da (all done, while signing), no, a meh (amen), duh, hol dat (hold that), zooshs (shoes), seesus (Jesus).  Signing "all done", "more", "please", "thank you."

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