03 September 2015

Nolan // six months

Nolan Levi | September 3, 2015
Half a year with this guy! This month has brought the most change and biggest milestone achievements.  He's picked up so many little tricks.

He began rolling just after turning five months old.  Now he is unstoppable.  I've noticed him pushing up on his arms and eyeing toys that are a little further away so I know it won't be too long before I'm chasing him around while he crawls.  Almost time to bust out our baby gates again.  Might be nice to contain our two year old too ;).  He also has started to sit up on his own if we put him that way.  He's getting better and better every time we do it, but still weebles and wobbles and tips right over after a bit.

This month Nolan began taking pretty good and consistent naps in his crib!  Answer to my prayers. And even better yet, we can lay him in there awake and he puts himself to sleep.  All the claps and thumbs up.  It's been super important to us with both boys that they learn to put themselves to sleep. No crying, just talking or snuggling his elephant until he is out.

Other little things:  We are mostly skipping baby food and just been giving him what we eat.  He's had chicken, squash, bread, cantaloupe, pear, peach, and spaghetti.  He got his first tooth just last week and the second this week.  Already working on more!  This has caused some sleep issues at night and I've been getting up a bit more with him.  He never screams or cries at night, just talks until I come and then gives me smiles. He love, love, loves his little stuffed elephant that my mom got it. We named him Wilbur and Nol cuddles him in his crib while he sleeps.  He's such a snuggly bear.

Happy half birthday, sweet boy!

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