03 August 2015

Nolan // five months

Nolan Levi | August 3, 2015
This party just keeps rolling.  Nolan is the sweetest baby in the world.  I am convinced of it.  He smiles at us all the time and is just so content to be.  I could kiss him all day, every day.

Nol has learned some major motor skills with his hands this month.  He grabs and reaches for everything and has found comfort and relief in putting things in his mouth to chew on.  He loves the teething keys the best and holds on for dear life.  He also is now spending tons of time in his exer-saucer.  He rolled from tummy to back and is so so so close to rolling back to tummy.

We've got a pretty great schedule down this past month.  Usually two to three naps and a consistent nursing schedule.  He's spaced his feedings out now which is a relief to me.  He still will NOT take a bottle and is happy to let me know that he will NOT.  He's been back to sleeping great at night and only wakes once after about 9 to 10 hours of sleep, then goes back down for a few more.

Other little things:  No teeth yet, but he is a drool machine.  Loves bath time, "standing", and being held.  He is a cuddle man.  He only belly laughs at Gideon, but when he gets going it is the best.  He smiles, smiles, smiles all day long.  Has been great in church nursery every week and they always tell me he even takes a little nap (which Gideon never did).  He had his first beach vacation and Fourth of July.

Love you, sugar man!

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