01 August 2015

Hello, August. {an experiment}

August one here.  And an experiment of sorts is beginning in our household.  I've felt it coming for a while, but I always brushed it off.  The time is now, though.  A whole month without sugary treats or drinks.  
I cautiously approached Taylor to tell him what I was planning.  In fact, I broached the topic with "I know you probably won't join me in this, but..."  But, he jumped on board right away giving me a built in accountability partner.

We aren't big on sugary drinks to begin with.  We occasionally drink soda, but never buy it to keep at home.  I actually still carry around the cup they gave me at the hospital when I gave birth and refill it at least six times a day, so my water intake is right where it needs to be.  

It's the dessert type treats that are my weakness.  My downfall in the worst way.  The reward I deserved in my own mind.  Bad day. Treat.  Both boys in bed. Treat.  Fun outing for the family. Treat.  Good, bad, happy, sad, I was seeing sugary foods as the answer. I already felt like my dairy-free diet entitled me to devour any dessert I could find that I could actually eat.  It's just become too much.

This is not a weight loss thing.  It's not a diet for the sake of dieting thing.  I've been noticing horrible headaches in the afternoons and zero energy all the time.  My body needs a reset.  My body needs a cleanse and to get rid of the sugar.  

August seemed like the perfect time.  The end of one season and beginning of another.  No holidays, vacations, or events to make excuses with.  No reason I can't do it.  No reason it should be hard to do. I'm really excited for and looking forward to seeing what this little experiment does.

My advance apologies to anyone who encounters me in the next week while my detoxes.  RBF will be in full effect.

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