28 July 2015

round here

Days are busy.  Months are flying by.  But seriously, how is it almost August?  That is life with two kids.  Losing track of time, shoes, sanity and brain cells in the best way possible.

Our days have been starting super early, with a certain two year old who can't seem to sleep past 5:30.  Well, I should say, Taylor's day has been starting early A) because he is already an early riser and B) because he is a saint and let's me sleep in all the way til 7.  But once that clock strikes seven, I'm go, go, go until I somehow (rarely) get both boys down for a nap and then I sit down and it all hits me at once.  The great debate.  Do I nap, too?  Do I peacefully get some stuff done?  And I've barely reached a verdict when I hear the whimpers and cries.  Neither.  We get neither today.  (But some days we get at least 45 minutes of one or the other!).

I've been trying to read more lately, which means I usually read half a page before someone needs something.  I laughed at myself the other day as I looked at the books I'm switching between.  A Jen Hatmaker book on grace, a baby-led weaning book, and a book of essays on style, motherhood, and other random things by a popular blogger.  Motherhood either gives you the worst kind of ADD or the best kind of multi-tasking in order to successfully read those diverse of books at once.

I was telling Taylor the other day, that this time of the year hits, this too hot, swampy time of year when summer is played out, and I start to crave fall.  I hate feeling this way and wishing it away, but I'm done with you, summer.  I asked Gideon yesterday if he was ready for cooler weather, Halloween, and pumpkins.  He agreed, but only because he will finally be able to watch "Pumpkin George" on Netflix, since mama has a strict "only in the appropriate season" rule for movies.  And, gasp, I think the whole fall back thing might work in our favor to help that certain two year old sleep in longer because dark!

So, here is to hanging on for the last little bit of summer, accepting it and living it up.  Since we do still have a few things left on our old summer bucket list. #burgesssummerbucketlist

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