04 June 2015

summer bucket list

Just want to write out some of the things I want to do this summer.  I figure by putting it out there it will make is easier to check them all off.  So now, when we have a free day, we can pick one to enjoy.  Love the summer in the low country.

{1} Take Gideon to the drive in movies {to see Minions!}
{2} Go to Hunting Island at least once a week
{3} Picnic downtown on the waterfront
{4} Water park adventure in Charleston
{5} Zoo day
{6} Island playground indoor bounce house
{7} Grow a sunflower {project for G}
{8} Sonic slushies
{9} Sparklers for no reason
{10} S'mores
{11} Water gun fight
{12} Minor league baseball game {Savannah? Charleston?}
{13} Beaufort Water Festival
{14} Ice cream for dinner
{15} Explore Charleston 

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