25 July 2015

Gideon says // 11

+ After getting soaked by the sprinkler while in his clothes
  Gideon: I need a paper napkin.

+ I asked Gideon to watch Nolan while I switched the laundry.  I laid Nolan on Gideon's bed.
  Gideon: (I peeked in on him) Don't move, buddy.  Mommy be right back.

+ I had picked up the kitchen rugs to clean the floors.  
  Gideon: Where the floor blankets go?

+ While singing "Take me out to the ball game"
  Gideon: (stops mid-song)  Hey! You should take me out to McDonald

+ Riding in the car one evening
  Gideon: I need it turned off
  Taylor: What turned off, buddy?
  Gideon: The sun.

+ Gideon: Mommy, you have another baby?
   Me: Not yet buddy.
   Gideon: A girl baby.  We don't want another boy baby.

+ Gideon: I a pirate.  You a princess.  Are pirates bad guys?
   Me:  Yes.  You don't want to be a bad guy.  You can be a prince.
   Gideon: No, you a prince.
   Me: Girls are princesses, boys are princes.
   Gideon: NO! Boys are pirates!!!!

+ Praying at dinner.
  Gideon:  Dear Jesus, fank you for chicken and beans, (whispers) I don't like the beans and tato salad, and Amen.

+ While I was getting Nolan ready for bed.
   Gideon: Wait mommy.  I hug and kiss Nolly.  And pray.  Dear Jesus, help Nolan sleep and help him obey and stay in his bed.

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