03 July 2015

Nolan // four months

Nolan Levi | July 3, 2015
The fourth month was a tough one.  Not bad by any means, but tough.  The four month sleep regression hit in waves.  A few nights of getting up three to four times then a night or two of him sleeping ten or eleven hours straight and me thinking all was back to normal to be hit with bad nights again.  Playing with my heart strings or rather my sleepy brain.

Nolan has become super expressive this month.  He smiles big and makes the cutest faces.  He watches and absorbs things and giggles at his brother.  The two of them together gets better every month.  Gideon loves how Nolan is getting more interactive and Nolan has been taken with Gideon from the beginning.

We are working (see trying) to get a nap schedule going for Nolan but it has proven difficult as our days are always different.  He is not fond of napping in his crib and prefers his swing which I would really love to break him of.  He still won't take a bottle... oh, mama needs a break.

Other little things: Nolan is still pretty go with the flow when it comes to outings.  He went to the water park in Charleston (and fell asleep in my arms), to see the angel oak, to the movies, to the pool (and fell asleep in my arms) and the beach. He weighs sixteen pounds and is in the 75th percentile across the board for weight, height, and head size! He loves bath time, chewing on his hands, and has a bottom tooth about to poke through (early teething, ugh).  His hair sticks straight up and is soft, soft, soft and a tiny bit ginger.  He is so close to rolling over, but is pretty good at scooting himself around on his back.

Love you Nolly bear!

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