15 June 2015

Letters // 06


Dear four month sleep regression,
How dare you?

Dear Amazon,
Thank you for existing.  And for two day Prime shipping.  You just helped this frazzled mom complete her Father's Day shopping.

Dear summer,
You may be hot, but you sure are fun.  Bring on the saltwater, tans, long days and Sno cones.

Dear baby birds,
I love hearing your sweet little chirps while I nurse my baby to sleep.  I'm so glad your little home is right outside my sweet boy's nursery.

Dear Gideon,
I still hear you in your room.  It's nap time.  In case the five previous reminders didn't stick.  Also, please don't use this as an opportunity to pull all of your clothes out of your closet again.

Dear HGTV,
Come help me!

Dear future self,
It's all worth it.

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