25 August 2015

life and then some.

Oh hey there, blog.

I hate being so neglectful of this space and of my writing.  When asked those socially awkward questions of "what you love to do" or "what you are good at" I usually say writing.  I mean, it's what my degree is in.  (But, hey, I'm neglecting that too). I truly do love writing and blogging.

But, I love two little boys more.  And that is where all my time and energy is being spent these days. As sad as I am about not throwing more of myself into this little slice of me, I've also allowed myself the grace to be OK with not being consistent.

Life with two boys is spit up in my hair, apple cinnamon Cheerios in the couch, and yelling "aim your penis" too many times in a day.  It's big boy undies and little baby diapers with a side of wipes pulled out and left all over the room.

Three pm dance parties, You Tube videos of Minions and PlayDoh shapes while brother naps.  About 300 trips to Publix, but don't forget to stop at the bakery for the free cookie.  No! Not the chocolate chip.  The sprinkle one!

Park dates, car jams, superhero pretending and oops I forgot to take out dinner.  Wiping up pee, talking about pee, wearing pee.  Did I mention we potty-trained?

Disciplining, playing, soothing because of teeth.  At least eight loads of laundry a week, hearing "I do it myself" followed by "I wuv you too, mom."

There are haircut meltdowns while holding the baby,  meal time wins and losses, and made-up bedtime stories with daddy.

The days are so full (and the nights, sometimes), but it's also satisfying.  But, don't worry, little blog. I'm still here.  


  1. Is it weird that I totally want Nolan's gingham shirt! lol... love it

    1. Not weird! Especially since you bought it for him!


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