27 August 2015

Letters // 06


Dear Batman lunchbox,
You won me mom of the year, or at least of this week.  Thank you for soliciting the excited "Fank you, mom!"  and enduring the long and not so gentle hug from Gideon.

Dear Walmart,
I can't believe I'm saying this...you did good.  Your fall decor selection is great and the prices can't be beat.  Also, way to go on the galvanized metal letters.

Dear Cliff crunch bars,
My name is Emily and I'm an addict.  An addict of your goodness.  Thank you for the delight you bring into my life.  I promise to never cheat on you again with the regular Cliff bars.  It just wasn't the same despite what Taylor said.

Dear fall,
I'm ready for you.  Cool, crisp air to greet me daily.  Pumpkins, leaves, sweaters, boots.  The ability to step outside and not turn into a sweaty mommy monster.  You're my favorite and I don't care who knows it.

Dear basket of clean laundry,
Don't look at me like that.  I see you.  I see you sitting there.  I'm just not ready to commit to folding you and putting you away.  So many socks to match.  So, I'll just lay here on the couch for a few minutes instead.  Sorry.

Dear baby rolls,
You are so yummy. I don't even mind having to meticulously separate each and every one of you to clean the gunk that sneaks up in there.  Feel free to stick around for a while.  Just another delicious reminder of all the hard work I've put in the past six months.  #mamastrong

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